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The Last Casket Review

The Last CasketThe Last Casket by Jack Wallen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Last Casket is a spin off from Jack Wallen's I Zombie I> series.  Starring: Kitty in a Casket.

Kitty in a Casket, a real band from Austria!

  Kitty Casket's Home Page

Members are: Kitty Casket (Lead Singer) weapon: microphone, katana
Billy the Bat: (Guitar and Backing Vocals) weapon: bat, switchblade, axe, the Kitty Mobile (157 scratch marks/total dead)
Tom Mooner: (Bass and backing vocals) weapon: machete, his creepers (shoes), Fender Squire quitar,
Todd Flash: (Guitar and backing vocals) weapon: singing, his shoe
Mike Machine: (Drummer) weapon: cymbals, drumsticks, drum stool, 2 short pikes

I listened to Dancing with the Devil" I really liked it.  Throughout the book, the author inserted lyrics from the band's songs in each chapter heading.

The premise of this fun story is that after the Mengele Virus destroyed the world, Kitty and her band wanted to start a "Rockocalypse" and bring back music to the world.
We're just trying to entertain the world while it heals - even if it means playing to empty houses. What are you going to do, pout the apocalypse to it's knees and shame it away?

The only problem was, their only audience had been the undead.
"Mike Machine stepped in to save the day."He's saying we need to find some isolated club where our ear-splitting decibels won't attract the attention of the less-than living."

How can they play to an audience without attracting zombies?  The Band has been traveling all over in the Kitty Mobile trying to survive and find places to play when they find......
The Last Casket Kitty calls it a dream come true, and also a coincidence with the name of the bar and the name of her band.
It's simple; this is a bar, you're a band. I need you, you need me"- Torque, who owns the bar.
They run into a few bumps in the road and I'll leave the rest for you to read!!

I did enjoy the carefree and boisterousness of the band, with their funny lyrics and hilarious quips.  It was a nice break from just trying to survive, to a goal of making people want to survive and listen to live music again!

The author has given me a copy to review, and all thoughts are my own. Kitty in a Casket is a real Austrian Band check them out and Jack Wallen's other work.

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