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Peter Pan by JM Barrie

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens / Peter and WendyPeter Pan in Kensington Gardens / Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My first copy of Peter Pan in Kensington gardens was missing some paragraphs.. so this edition was way better!

It has an intro on J.M. Barrie..who was quite a character himself.
Lots of speculation that he had mother issues, or he wasn't grown up like Peter or maybe he was even a pedophile. All that from reading Peter Pan. While it was a little strange even for me, it was ok. The idea is that children are birds, and then sometimes remember while they are 1 week old.. they try to tell their mothers and speak bird which is why we don't understand them. He also made up a whole myth about baby's and small kids.. how to parent and understand them I guess. When a baby laughs Fairies are born.. but they swear and are not nice.. like Tink for instance. She constantly called Peter names and didn't want to cooperate or like any of his companions especially Wendy. It is mentioned she is jealous,but it really doesn't explain her behavior or why there aren't any other fairies.. The author only picks one adventure of Wendy (their pretend mother) and his lost boys plus Wendy's brothers John and Michael. The story is about Tiger Lily and Redskins, and Hook.. who he never reveals who Hook really is. Only that his name is James and he came from a prestigious school Eton. (Thank god for the notes! Or additions by another author..brain fart forgot what it is called.)

Kensington Gardens is weirder yet. The author never explains who the narrator is or anything much about David other than if he puts his fingers to his temples he remembers his bird tendencies. Something about Peter riding a goat is never explained either. The gardens are explained in detail, and then Peter's story of flying away, thinking he was a bird and then having Fairy adventures. They eventually grant him a wish.. he wants to go home. When he finally gets there his window is barred shut and his Mom has another little boy. Not sure what the moral of the story is.. other than Peter is really conceited, cocky and hates real mothers. Pretend ones are ok..even the pirates who are adults want a child for a mother.. weird or what? So yeah.. I like the Disney Movie way better and also lost Boys by Christina Henry because she really paints Peter as he is... a spoiled brat, who wants attention. Man if that kid ever came to my window... I'd knock him flat and give him an earful. Not that he would listen..but he is by far my least favorite character ever!! I like Hook better, at least he has some humanity!! Even if he is a "bad" guy..or whatever Mr.Barrie made him to be originally. I don't know still how the lost boys or even Wendy, John and Michael could stand him for so long! It didn't sound all that fun..playing house all the time.. doing the same crap they did at home or their adventures which included murder.. how is that fun for a child?? Ugh I have so many rants about this book!! It just baffles me.

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Review of The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan.. New Style!!

The Sunlight PilgrimsThe Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan

"There are three Suns in the sky and it is the last day of autumn-perhaps forever. Sun dogs. Phantom suns. Parhelia. They mark the arrival of the most extreme winter for 200 years."
Chapters 1-4:
I am following Dylan MacRae,in November of 2020, as he closes up shop in Babylon, England after the death of his Grandma, and Mum. Dad...? Maybe we will find out later.
"Eighty years and people trying to get permanent bits of stone before they go, as if permanence were a real thing. Everyone has been taken hostage. Bankers and big-business are tyrannical demigods"( Corporatocy is becoming popular a little too late, for the "Earth is striking back!" :)

Dylan's family ran out of money, and the repo men are already starting to bang on the doors. Now, with barely enough time to eject himself from his home. Where will Dylan go?
"...he found an envelope containing the deeds for a caravan 578.3 miles away, with a pink Post-it note and her scrawl: Bought for cash-no record in any of our accounts. Mum X."

His Mum ( you go girl! ) secretly bought him a silver bullet in Clachan Falls (#7). Nice save! She had actually prepared in advance knowing that she was dying and business wasn't making it. Now Get on that bus, Dylan..we've got people to meet and places to go!!
I really like the way Dylan describes his feelings as he is doing his best to deal with everything coming at him: Especailly grief/sadness.. I really identified with these quotes.
1. "Now he knows something he did not before-there is a totality to silence. It makes his bones ache."
2." There is an impenetrability to absence."
3. " Nobody told him grief would be so physical."
4. " Grief is in his marrow. It is in his brain. It has even slowed the way he washes his hands."
Lastly before leaving, he thinks "..but for the very first time in his life there is absolutely nowhere to go back to. With each step forward the road behind him disappears. That's what it feels like. Just one step back and it would be an endless plummet."

Dylan's strange new life is just beginning. Let's meet the infamous "Crisp-man"!, a seat buddy for his 12 hour bus ride to Clachan Falls. I stole the "Earth is striking back!" From Crisp- man.

A quick taxi ride, and he arrives to Falls Lane, where a caravan awaits. Tired, after quickly looking everything over, he goes to sleep. Not for long because at 5 am the next morning he hears a BOOM! "At the end of the path a womanhooversup the road. Her pyjama top rides up and exposes each knot of her vertebra like a fine rope. She is hoovering up the miles between herself and what?.. " She returns the Vaccume and "..walks back on her porch with a rag on her hand-she reaches a pale arm up into the sky and polishes the moon." Hmm...Who will we/Dylan meet next...?

Stella - A bold, beautiful, intelligent and sassy teen! She also belongs to the woman who polishes the moon. I think that the characters are going to get more interesting and the weather will start impacting Dylan's small world.
Stella says, "You are aware that you are living in what is essentially a metal tin at the bottom of seven mountains." Dylan says "Doesn't scare me." We shall see.. All he knows about is obsure films and how to make gin, because he was always involved in the family business.
"Which way would you rather go? The last great war or frozen like a fish finger?"

I am enjoying this book! I have to say a awesome Scottish website
A Dictionary of Slang Is very useful! I also used it when reading
  The Death of Danny Daggers by Haydn Wilks
. Also a good England type dictionary will help a lot since our dialects, verbiage, wordage, and even slang can be totally different. Like butt to us is a booty, but butt is also a friendly term to call your mate/buddy/friend, like how we use bro, dude, man, girlfriend, buddy, etc. I also Google places, names, movies, books..anything mentioned that I don't know about and it may see tedious but I understand the writer better and give a better review than if I had skipped overall the little stuff. I learned to do this with historical novels because who remembers high school history at 31? I forgot..but now reading about it.. I remember!
*Will update soon, Chapter 5-10** I won this on goodreads giveaways and all opinions are my own. As in nobody made me write a review. I am testing out new review styles to find my niche.

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Pre- Release Bad Boys After Dark-Mich by Melissa Foster

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick

Indulge your inner vixen...

You asked for naughtier lovers, with the same fierce loyalty as The Bradens - Meet the Bad Boys... Four sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies. .

Everything's naughtier after dark...
Amanda Jenner is done being a boring-man magnet and has finally taken control of her love life. As any smart paralegal would, she’s researched the hell out of how to seduce a man. She’s waxed, primped, and ready to put her newfound skills into action—and a masquerade bar crawl is the perfect venue for her solo coming-out party. 

Entertainment attorney Mick Bad lives by two hard and fast rules. He never mixes business with pleasure, and he doesn’t do relationships, which makes the anonymity of a masquerade bar crawl the perfect place for a onetime hookup.

Amanda thinks she’s hit the jackpot when she bags a tall, dark, and sinfully delicious masked man—until she discovers the man she’s made out with is her off-limits boss. Mick’s already crossed a line he can never uncross, and one taste of sweet and sexy Amanda has only whet his appetite. When Mick offers to give Amanda a lesson in seduction—no strings, no regrets, and for goodness’ sake, come Monday, no quitting—the tables turn, and Mick’s totally unprepared for the lessons this sweet temptress provides.

The Bad Boys are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Available to pre-order from ...

"If you're interested in books with super-hot alpha males, ridiculously sexy heroines and need-to-take-a-cold-shower love scenes, this is the series for you!" M. Engel, Book Mama Blog

Mick (now available)
Dylan (releasing Dec 21st pre-order here 
Carson (coming soon) 
Brett (coming soon)

More After Dark books available now...

About the author
Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance (M/F, M/M, F/F), romantic suspense, thrillers, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page.  Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented. Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the World Literary Café. When she's not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. 

Melissa has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Her interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping others see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa at The World Literary Cafe or her personal website.Never miss a brand new release, special promotions or inside gossip again by simply signing up to receive your newsletter from Melissa.
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Shhh.. M. Robinson Released Sept 1 2014

Private message Jettie on FB to be let in the back door of her private group where the release day party for Mack's side will be held.

My name is McKenzie Perry. I’ve lived a life filled with secrets. Secrets that took me years to understand. 
Secrets that my bestie, Gia, and I kept from the world. Secrets that only I knew. I wasn’t afraid of the lies,
the secrets, or the hidden skeletons. That’s not what frightened me. I was afraid that one day they would come out, somebody would find out the truth. If I am the only one that knew the secrets, the lies, then they were safe, right? 

It took several years for me to understand the impact of lies. Lies I told, secrets I kept, and the lives they controlled. One of the things I know to be true is I did the things I did for a reason, even if I didn’t know it at the time. 

They all had a reason. 

My name is Mack and this is my side of the story. 

(click to make larger)

Jettie Woodruff is a lifelong writer, living in a pretend world since she was a little girl. Jettie spent hours filling pages of spiral notebooks with a number two pencil and a wild imagination. Her very first story was a scifi of all things.
 Jettie writes more along the lines of erotica now. She likes to keep her readers on edge, and deliver a story that will pull out every emotion possible. Writing on the edge of taboo and dark, Jettie hopes to distribute an adventure you'll not soon forget.

 Married for twenty five years, raising two boys and one girl has left lots of writing material. She has recently become a grandma to not one, but two of the most beautiful little girls on planet earth.

 Jettie also hates doing this bio. That's all you get. She loves to read and write. What else is there? <3

Have you ever lied? Held secrets? Betrayed someone?
I have.
McKenzie and I were best friends, soul sisters. We shared everything…or so she thought. To everyone I was perfect and happy. No one knew the real me. That was until I saw him. Everything changed the second we laid eyes on each other. The world stopped moving and only we existed in it. But it just added to the secrets and lies, it became too much and I couldn’t tell apart what was real and what wasn’t.
This story is for anyone who has ever lied and lived to regret it…

(click to make larger)

Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram
M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.

She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.

She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.

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I'll Fly Away Wally Lamb and the Women of York Prison

I'll Fly Away: Further Testimonies from the Women of York PrisonI'll Fly Away: Further Testimonies from the Women of York Prison by Wally Lamb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'll fly away is something I've secretly said to myself, throughout my life. Also I've read Piper's book and watched "Orange is the New Black", so those are my determining factors when I picked up this book. I wondered about my friends in jail, and how I managed to escape the Law...

Wally Lamb is not just an editor, he teaches the women in NY prison how to write. I was really impressed to read about his contributions! These women worked hard, it shows when you read what they wrote. I read through the book so fast, it all flowed and I related to many of them. Many of the reasons the women were (and are) in the prison were after effects of being abused.
"In tears, I stare up at the night sky. "Hi. It's me." I am speaking aloud. "If anyone's up there, I need your help. I love him, but I'm not strong enough. It's been bad for months and it keeps getting worse. So I'm asking for a favor. Please let me die. I don't want it to be painful. Just let me go to sleep and not wake up." II Torn Pants, Empty Sky 1998 Charrissa Willette
This is a statement I have made dozens of time, and when I read this it hit me rock hard in the heart. Char as a 14 year old, gets picked up by an 18 year old boy...(at that age, I thought it was cool too) and her first relationship with this man (who raped her) ends up her last and lands her in prison years later.. although he abused her.
Why are we jailing abused women, who kill in self defense?A lot of women are hopeless either stuck in prison for numerous years or life, all their golden years spent in a prison... for things like drugs, abuse and things that could have been avoided.

"I'll Fly Away" just touched my heart, and I encourage anyone to read the words of the women from NY Prison. One woman on the outside, lives the same as on the inside.

To get a copy:  Amazon
The first book: Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Wally Lamb and the Women of York Correctional Institute   

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Confessions of a redneck zombie killing psycho

Confessions of a Red Neck Zombie Killing Psycho (Tasty Trio, #1)Confessions of a Red Neck Zombie Killing Psycho by L.R. Currell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Surviving Characters: Buck Grisham "Suck it up and be a Leader",Tammy Grisham, his "Seriously Suspicious Sister" and his wife Denny Grisham Fitzpatrick "Princess Peeper Annie Oakley" from Casper, Wyoming.
The trio are mighty, powerful zombie ass kickers! The women are very proficient with weapons. Buck (a former Marine), was a contender in the UFC! Oh yea and he was a firefighter!  Decision making is a little harder... for this trio...

A Short Story about Surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse:  The trio nearly escaped a large herd on the road, and lost 1/2 their party in a matter of minutes. Now, looking for safety and a place to relax, they wind up in a backwoods redneck location on their way toward Mexico. "My feet feel like they are going to fall off, complained Denny, who did Zumba classes 3x a week, spin classes and pilates....".  Buck tells Denny to shut it, just before Tammy was going to pipe in about her whining, but they hear some noise.  "Music,"whispered Denny."  They come upon a scraggly dude trying to play Nirvana on an Electric Guitar... Electric? How? Everyone knows the electricity is dead, so they must have a generator..  Aren't they worried about attracting zombies??
And so Buck, Tammy and Denny meet the brothers Taylor, (Chris and Hank).
"For a brief moment Buck got a premonition of the ax lifting up and smashing down on his skull.  Buck could see his sister moved to the side of them. She had observed something that she did not like and was ready to blast the man if needed."
Something is really off about these 2 boys and our party is about to find out..

Apparently other people found a lot of grammar mistakes.. I'm really not the type to notice them.
 I gave three stars: Why? They story was predictable and campy because...
First of all Rednecks and Cannibals are just a known combination.  I knew right away something was wrong with the Taylor brothers, and the trio would not listen to their inner voices!!! So many red flags, (The first is the quote above).  I felt like watching a B rated horror movie.  Usually the blond, big boobed, woman runs up the stairs instead of out of the door to safety...
. "Yea we're doing a reconnaissance mission for our father," offered Buck..."He send's his son, his daughter and his son's wife, didn't she say there was an uncle or even other male relatives?" asked Charlie aloud in a puzzled tone.  Hank shot him a look that would have quietened a polar bear."

 We have a situation of Brawn over Brains here. Except for Tammy who was stuck because of her brother. As the story moves along, there are many more red flags that stand out.

The trio is getting settled in the barn and Denny see's..

"Hank staring at both her and Denny with his mouth wide open.  His chest rose and fell as he stood there staring, his eyes dilated as though he was in a trance.  Tammy realized then that her panties were showing out the top of her pants, she pulled them up as Hank cheekily winked at her."

My favorite part was when Charlie cooked dinner for everyone and Denny asks "What meat is this?", she asked as she swallowed it.  Charlie blinked at her and replied bluntly, "Possum"...."There aren't too many Taco Bell's out this way Miss," he replied with a snigger and Tammy couldn't help but laugh as well.  Do you really think it was possum?

I felt the end of the story just fell off a cliff.  It just stopped.  Tammy rescues Buck from fighting off zombies as amusement for Hank, and then they wonder where Charlie and Denny are??

But the good news is, there are 2 more books in this series:
 Tasty Trio: 1.Confessions of a redneck zombie killing psycho
                  2.Dead Horse Named Caleb
                  3.Soul Consumer

So although it was a fun quick read. There are a lot of zombies to contend with.

The author gave me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I have read other stories by L.R.Currel, see my review of Space Sushi!!
L.R. Currel's Amazon Page
L.R. Currell on Facebook

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Trouble Has A New Name Blog Tour and Giveaway!!

Trouble Has A New Name by Adite Banerjie

The Blurb

“Will you pretend to be my fiancé for the next few days?” 

Recently-single model Rayna Dutt does not feel like flying to her friend’s big fat Indian wedding. But she does - and when a mix up with room allocations forces her to share a luxury villa on Emerald Isle with the gorgeous owner of the hotel - Neel Arora - and best man at the wedding, things begin to look up.

Until Rayna’s ex turns up with a new girl on his arm! 

Hitting the panic button, Rayna searches for a solution. Surely Neel wouldn’t mind being her fake fiancé…? In an instant the attraction they share is fever pitch, but when scandal comes calling, Rayna soon finds herself in more trouble than she can handle!

Buy @ | | FlipKart | B&N | Kobo | Google Play

Watch It 

Meet the Author

The Author's Thoughts

Adite Banerjie has been writing professionally ever since she graduated from college. After an exciting and fulfilling career as a business journalist, she turned to freelance writing, crunched numbers and wrote reports about consumer behavior and social development issues. Somewhere along the way she got on to the screenwriting bandwagon and wrote scripts for documentaries and spec screenplays for feature films. She was hired by a filmmaker to write a feature script based on a true story. When she penned her first romantic short story she won the 2012 Harlequin Passions Aspiring Authors Contest. Two of her books, The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal and Trouble Has a New Name have been published by Harlequin India. And she is currently under contract to write two more for the same publisher. She lives in Greater Noida, on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, with her writer husband. She loves to connect with readers and writers.

You can stalk her @                

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