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Red Dust: The Fall (Stories 1-3) Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell

Red Dust: The FallRed Dust: The Fall by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

RedDust is a collage of Zombie Old West Stories.  I really enjoyed them and the 3rd story was my favorite.

1. The Lost Party America 1846
This story is about a caravan of people trying to cross over to new land in the winter.  George Masterson is out looking for the missing party.  Masterson finds a satchel with a diary in it and pieces together what happened.  The settlers twice get told to turn around but they don't listen.  Masterson finds them, and then gets attacked by a bear.

2. Feud ( 7 yrs later) 1853
A Stranger rides into Little Rock... he is the first new patron in their saloon in 5 months.  The town of Little Rock is having a crisis... Bishop and Gardner are in a family feud to the death and each try to get Griff (the stranger) to assassinate the other one.  They both have different views about zombies as well.   The conflict ends with a shoot out and red dust.

3. The Last Rider ( 8 yrs later) 1861
Isaac is the last rider of the Pony Express, and he will go through hell and high water to deliver his package to Major Stokes.  In his journey he comes across some of the Characters we've already met in the first two stories.  Also we find out that the Civil War is going on along with incoming zombie hordes!! I was holding my breath that Isaac would make it, and he had a lot of strange lucky help along the way!!  It left me on a awesome cliffhanger I couldn't wait to read The King!

Each story is unique but when I started thinking about them.. I noticed that they were all entwined together with certain characters, and almost seemed to be pieces of a bigger story.  I think I had to most fun trying to read between the lines, and piece all of the stories together.

*Make sure you read the next story :King (Red Dust, #4) by Ben Dixon  King #4

I was given a copy by the author who is really cool by the way (I got to talk to him about these books) in exchange for my honest review!

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