Thursday, June 26, 2014

Space Sushi I recommend to read at lunch!

Space SushiSpace Sushi by L.R. Currell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I decided to sit down to a lunch of Sushi while I read this story.  I had Salmon and a tuna roll ;) The story is about lunch 100 years from now...

Chang Luis Sahari is a famous food reviewer for a webzine.  His latest assignment is to review the dangerous and rare "piece de resistance"from another planet.  It is a sea slug, named Ambrosia and is very hard to harvest.  Only people with millions usually order it.  Chang's boss thought that either way this piece would bring in lots of revenue...whether Chang dies from it's poison or he completes the review.
Chang and his friend Chef Nikon, who just happens to be the best at preparing the ever poisonous and elusive Fugu, have been sending messages back and forth setting up the review.

Holy SUSPENSE!!!!!!
Chang and his bot Tablet (an iPad but with a robot attached to analyze the data and assistant to Chang) are preparing at Chef Nikon's unopened Restaurant.
Chang literally thinks of every possible way that he could die from the Sea Slug/Fugu. The Fact that Nikon's teacher died painfully from his poor eyesight while preparing the dish, making an oopsie before consuming it.  He even put his will and stuff in order. I was even hyperventilating with Chang waiting for the main dish... I was so scared for him. He was systematically putting every precaution in check.  Chef Nikon kept trying to allay his fears but Chang was more worried about the Chef being distracted.  The ending is a Whopper!! You have to read this, it was really fun!!!

The author gave me a copy to read at lunch in return for my review ;)

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