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Kumquat by Jeff Strand

KumquatKumquat by Jeff Strand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amy has a impending brain aneurysm that could pop at any time and she meets Todd at a really bad film festival in Tampa Bay.  They find each other in an abandoned film and decide to ditch the festival to go on a "date" and find out somethings they have in common like:
: is about a group of eight archaeologists who discover a cave in South America.  The cave contains countless portals, and when you step through one, you find yourself on a different dimension.  Unfortunately for those poor archaeologists, the things they do after going through a portal have an impact on the real, current world, and they've really made a mess pf things.

Amy and Todd LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and watch it religiously, and also the author puts an equally HILARIOUS quote on the top of each chapter from EXIT RED.
They also realize that they are pretty boring people and Amy proposes they take a road trip.  Todd's always wanted to go to Hunky Dory Dogs since he saw it on Man vs Food.  So Todd calls into work claiming his Grandmas died, to get some extra days off for his road trip with Amy to New Jersey. The two end up having a blast, although Todd is worried that Amy's going to die on him and Amy's worried she won't live to see the end of EXIT RED.
So they make it to Hunky Dory Dogs only to find out the dogs taste disgusting, that people keep calling Todd the mint man, and  ...and Murphy's law keeps attacking them.  Amy is the rock through all of this and the couple ends up closer and closer through each trial.   Todd winds up having a heart attack, so they now both have health issues and you will have to read the book to find out about EXIT RED but they live happily ever after!  I had such fun reading this book with all the funny quotes and mishaps!  It's such a great book to read when you are burnt out on horror stories!!

**I forgot there is a reason the Title is Kumquat.  My belief it's meaning in the book is for trying new things, but Kumquats truly show up in the book.

I was given a copy by the author in exchange for my review.

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