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The King #4 Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell

King (Red Dust, #4)King by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The King is the Sequel to
  Red Dust  The Fall by Ben Dixon
Red Dust:The Fall

This book has one story, and it starts off with General Bulmer of the Union Army and Griffin talking.  They are in the midst of The Civil War with the added danger of Zombies!
General Bulmer wants Griffin to hunt down Ethan King who is the Leader of Kingstown,(which we visited in "The Last Rider" in Red Dust).  Bulmer wants King dead since he's an Outlaw and he's been allowed to Reign too long and Bulmer's own men are deserting him... OUCH.  He also needs the space for a tactical advantage, the key to the western flank of the Civil War, for his troops.  He wants Griff to tell King to surrender and his people will be under immunity, although King would still get knocked off anyways.
The Confederate Army is Flanking the Grant line west of Kentucky and they need fortification that will allow them to hold the Risers(Zombies) at bay and to keep those Yanks from pushing the line.  Bulmer tried to bribe Griff, but Griff is more concerned about the Riser's because that's his real specialty, he doesn't want to get involved in the War at all.

The Battle at Kingstown angers King and he vows to get revenge... also King has this new thought:
For the first time since the World had fallen to the Rising Plague,  Ethan King was gripped by a strange, new sense of responsibility that he had not known before.  He knew now, he would not only kill for these people, he would die for them.

He realizes that once his built his own city, he started caring for his people and wants to protect them from harm.  So remember Dr. Tremain and Dan?? King tells him to lead the people to safety in the North East, where they will reunite after all the fun festivities!

I loved this story, I changed my about Mr. King.  Griffin is a mysterious man but he's entwined in all of the stories so far because I love looking for details and figuring out puzzles. The Characters are amazing, and in each story we find out a little more about them.  I love also the theme of the Ol' West and Zombies, and also in the midst of the Civil War... although my prediction is the Zombies will win that war and people will scramble to safety..  Griff mentions "Where are all the Zombies?? They have been manageable so far.. but with the cannon fire it should attract more by the noise.....

Can't wait for the NEXT Installment!!!

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