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Confessions of a redneck zombie killing psycho

Confessions of a Red Neck Zombie Killing Psycho (Tasty Trio, #1)Confessions of a Red Neck Zombie Killing Psycho by L.R. Currell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Surviving Characters: Buck Grisham "Suck it up and be a Leader",Tammy Grisham, his "Seriously Suspicious Sister" and his wife Denny Grisham Fitzpatrick "Princess Peeper Annie Oakley" from Casper, Wyoming.
The trio are mighty, powerful zombie ass kickers! The women are very proficient with weapons. Buck (a former Marine), was a contender in the UFC! Oh yea and he was a firefighter!  Decision making is a little harder... for this trio...

A Short Story about Surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse:  The trio nearly escaped a large herd on the road, and lost 1/2 their party in a matter of minutes. Now, looking for safety and a place to relax, they wind up in a backwoods redneck location on their way toward Mexico. "My feet feel like they are going to fall off, complained Denny, who did Zumba classes 3x a week, spin classes and pilates....".  Buck tells Denny to shut it, just before Tammy was going to pipe in about her whining, but they hear some noise.  "Music,"whispered Denny."  They come upon a scraggly dude trying to play Nirvana on an Electric Guitar... Electric? How? Everyone knows the electricity is dead, so they must have a generator..  Aren't they worried about attracting zombies??
And so Buck, Tammy and Denny meet the brothers Taylor, (Chris and Hank).
"For a brief moment Buck got a premonition of the ax lifting up and smashing down on his skull.  Buck could see his sister moved to the side of them. She had observed something that she did not like and was ready to blast the man if needed."
Something is really off about these 2 boys and our party is about to find out..

Apparently other people found a lot of grammar mistakes.. I'm really not the type to notice them.
 I gave three stars: Why? They story was predictable and campy because...
First of all Rednecks and Cannibals are just a known combination.  I knew right away something was wrong with the Taylor brothers, and the trio would not listen to their inner voices!!! So many red flags, (The first is the quote above).  I felt like watching a B rated horror movie.  Usually the blond, big boobed, woman runs up the stairs instead of out of the door to safety...
. "Yea we're doing a reconnaissance mission for our father," offered Buck..."He send's his son, his daughter and his son's wife, didn't she say there was an uncle or even other male relatives?" asked Charlie aloud in a puzzled tone.  Hank shot him a look that would have quietened a polar bear."

 We have a situation of Brawn over Brains here. Except for Tammy who was stuck because of her brother. As the story moves along, there are many more red flags that stand out.

The trio is getting settled in the barn and Denny see's..

"Hank staring at both her and Denny with his mouth wide open.  His chest rose and fell as he stood there staring, his eyes dilated as though he was in a trance.  Tammy realized then that her panties were showing out the top of her pants, she pulled them up as Hank cheekily winked at her."

My favorite part was when Charlie cooked dinner for everyone and Denny asks "What meat is this?", she asked as she swallowed it.  Charlie blinked at her and replied bluntly, "Possum"...."There aren't too many Taco Bell's out this way Miss," he replied with a snigger and Tammy couldn't help but laugh as well.  Do you really think it was possum?

I felt the end of the story just fell off a cliff.  It just stopped.  Tammy rescues Buck from fighting off zombies as amusement for Hank, and then they wonder where Charlie and Denny are??

But the good news is, there are 2 more books in this series:
 Tasty Trio: 1.Confessions of a redneck zombie killing psycho
                  2.Dead Horse Named Caleb
                  3.Soul Consumer

So although it was a fun quick read. There are a lot of zombies to contend with.

The author gave me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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