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The Devil's Dream David Beers

The Devil's DreamThe Devil's Dream by David Beers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Matthew Brand... A desperate father who wants to reunite with his son or a mad scientist and serial killer??

"The Wall would keep the people you couldn't kill away from society. Forever.  The one's that you couldn't let die, for whatever reason, but couldn't let live either, they would be kept behind the Wall for as long as needed."  "A building that stretched across an acre and inside it held 3 men." A building that was supposed to be inescapable.

Matthew Brand was one of the people in the Wall, well until he escaped after 10 years of being in a Silo.  Now only 2 remained.  Arthur Morgant (a rapist) was immune to the AIDS virus and someone else who's name escaped me at the moment, but don't worry he's still there.

The Devil's Dream was written by Jeffery Dillon.  The book was about Matthew Brand's side of the story and the two collaborated on it.
This story and thus this book, is a love story between a father and his son, and the depths that such love could take them.  I didn't know when I began writing.  I thought Matthew Brand was insane and the cops were probably criminals.  Maybe Matthew Brand is insane, but if so, love brought him there.  I dedicate this book to the four cops that lost their lives.  I dedicate this book to the person who killed those cops, Matthew Brand, who lost his son.
Jeffery wanted to write another book and conveniently turns on TV and see's Matthew Brand Escapes "This is your book, right here, Jeffery. You don't have to wait until he's caught to write it."Alecia (his agent) says.  Jeffery goes on a quest to find out where Brand is going to set up shop, and who his next victims will be.  Jeffery has done extensive research and probably knows Brand better than anyone, he already has a clue as to what Brand's plan is.  This places him in a tough situation... because if he tells the info to the Feds... no book.  Yet he has a conscious.

Meanwhile, Agent Allison Moore was tasked to find Matthew Brand. Hopefully her husband and daughter would understand that this was big, bigger than anything she'd done before. She had to go, and could possibly be gone for a month or more. Her first stop was to visit The Wall..

Matthew's first stop was to call Rally his ex-wife, his weak spot, to tell her he was bringing his son back and then continue on with his mission.

I thought that the first part of this book was slow because of the multiple points of view between the characters and the back story about Matthew Brand.  But once Matthew got to work on his plan the suspense nabbed me.  Nothing happened the way I thought it would turn out in my head, there are some great twists and turns! All the characters eventually meet each other in different weird life changing ways and the ending blew me away.. I had to get the second book.. I couldn't handle the end!

*I was given a copy to review by the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
If you are interesting in reading The Devils Dream, you can purchase it through Amazon: Here
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The 3rd Book: Devil's Dream: Waking Up
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