Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zombie Attack! Rise of the Hoard Devan Sagliani

Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde (Volume 1)Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde by Devan Sagliani
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At first I was afraid that this would be just a copy of a classic ol zombie tale. Just when I thought I knew what would happenin the story, I was blown away by the creativeness of the author!  I love the references to current pop culture and details of teenage life.  I also like the fact that the characters were mostly teens. In all honesty I think the younger generation would survive better in the Zombie apocalypse, especially after reading this book.   Looking forward to the next horde,a big fight :)

Xander Macnamara (16) is living at Vandenberg Air Force base. He is fluent in martial arts and practices to pass the time.  His brother Moto is military royalty, and he gave Xander a Katana, as well as training before he left for his current duty.  When Benji Jones (12) is being bullied by Weasel, Xander steps in and makes Weasel apologize for trying to steal comic books and beating up Benji.  Then Benji becomes his friend and traveling companion till the end.  Benji tells how he lost his whole family on Z day, he loves reading comics and talking.
The base gets run over by a zombie horde while the two run to an elementary school.  They successfully maneuver out of the school only to run into the Parker twins who are packing heat.  Their father was in the military and trained them with every auto gun imaginable.
This is the start of an incredible journey to find Xander's brother Moto (hel-lo mo-to, Motorola commercial ) in Hueneme.  The two boys meet crazy, cannabalistic, charismatic, religious, fanatical, helpful, innocent, brave, smart, talented, and strange people, most get eaten except for a rare few gems.  The boys manage to watch tv, eat junk food, play video games (mostly Benji), drive sweet cars, listen to rock and roll, make escape plans, search and rescue, meet cute girls,live in a mansion with a pool, evade zombies, kill zombies with swords and guns, all through this traumatic zombie experience.

The zombies were believable,and the characters were solid.  I felt while reading, oh no they got stuck again...very suspenseful.  The author really took the time to put in details that would be real to these young kids, and also was able to incorporate how they felt and dealt with their awful surroundings, bad people, sad events, kick butt dreams and still hold out hope!  A stronge message in this book is that bad things happen, but there is always an answer to every situation.  Never give up because the small things in life are miracles.  You never know who you will meet or what adventure waits around the corner.

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