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India Was One by An Indian

India Was OneIndia Was One by An Indian
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I am really moved by India Was One, I learned so much about India and it's indigenous people.  I never knew that India was so diverse with different cultures, religions, and languages!!  The Author was really humble and a great example of the people of India by simply stating.. An Indian in replace of his name.
Melting Pot of Characters :
*Manjeet Signh (Lion) Sodhi aka Bunty = A Sikh
Sikhs are from the Northern State of Punjab (bordering Pakistan) Recognized by turbans, uncut hair, and a metal bracelet (kara).

*Subramaniam Iyengar aka Subra = A Tamil
Tamils are called Tamilians which are a lingustic and ethnic group native to the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu.  They speak Tamil which is the first Indian language given "Classical" status.

*Pankaj Bose aka Punk = Kolkata
A state of West Bengal.  They speak Bengali and are native to the historic region of Bengal. Bengal is now divided between Bangladesh and India.  Although named West Bengal, it is actually located in the Eastern part of India.

Jai and Kahani are also from different places.  Mumbai is a melting pot of all kinds of people and they all consider themselves Mumbai regardless of where they've come from.  That is what's really special about the group of Characters in India Was One,
"You can take an Indian out of India but you can't take the India out of an Indian".
So true in this book!

The story India was One, is about an Indian (Jai) and how he grew up, got married, traveled to the US to help out his father in his software business, went traveling around the world, and experience romance, war, hope and love.  Not just love for one person but a love for all!
Not only was I introduced to India, Jai and Kahani took adventures to the US and other countries as well. The author described these countries as beautiful as he did for India. It was refreshing to see how a native Indian reacts to their first trip to the US.  I don't think that we American's really understand how other people from other parts of the world feel when they come to America.  I think sometimes even though the US may be called a melting pot, we don't really recognize what it's like "to be a stranger in a strange land" and what a culture shock it can be.  In the story, it was mainly a conglomerate of different Indians, that took the couple under their wings and taught them our customs.  Suddenly while the couple is in America, CNN announces that India has cut all communication off to them.  The crisis behind the information blackout, which forces the couple to flee home, is a battle over differences, customs, and beliefs.   All it took was one Brave Indian to set India back together as one, as it was.

This book hit me in the heart and I wish that I had a community as great as the one in Mumbai, and India itself.  I was very emotionally involved in the story, and I could imagine exactly what the author was describing.  I am so glad I took the time to read this book, as it really changed my worldview,
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